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Zec Maganasipi exist since 1978, since the abolition of exclusive hunting and fishing rights. According to the Commission of the toponym of Quebec, the name of the ZEC is essentially linked to its main hydro-graphic features.

According to Father Lemoine, this name is a derivative of Maingan Sipi which in Algonquin means "river wolves". We find the name on maps from 1906, sometimes under Maganasibi or Maganasippi form. The formalization of Maganasipi River was taken in 1916.


As mentioned in the Geographical Names Board of Canada, the ZEC, located in the Témiscamingue, the ZEC is bordered on the south by Lake Holden, enlargement of the Ottawa River, between Quebec and Ontario. Covering an area of 1012 square kilometers, the ZEC has a large number of lakes, the main ones being the lakes Allouez and McCracken.


Name Position
Maurice Laviolette Président
Armand Pinard Vice-président
Denis Beaudry Secrétaire-trésorier
Yvon Beaudet Administrateur
Harry Behlau Administrateur
Bernard Jr. Maurice Administrateur
Conrad Venne Administrateur
Daniel Larocque Administrateur


Name Position
Mélanie Bégin Directrice générale, Préposée au poste d'accueil, Assistante à la protection de la faune